Meet the RBW Girls

Meet the fabulous group of women behind Redbud Wren Co.

Lindsay Farris

I’m Lindsay, founder of Redbud Wren Co. I am so blessed to have known Jesus my entire life and it is my mission to get closer to him everyday. I am the proud wife of my adorably handsome husband Christopher. We have been married for over seven years and have two amazing children. My journal is never far from my hand because my mind never stops moving. I’m always down for a last minute adventure, but I’m definitely going to make a list and over pack. I only really text in book length; to me every detail is an important detail. I believe in the power of intentionality and try to live everyday with purpose. I struggled for most of my life to find my voice, and now that I’ve found it, you can’t really shut me up. As the Lead Director of Redbud Wren Co., it is my utmost goal to bring God glory in everything we do and to empower and equip this team to accomplish their dreams.

Antonette Weatherly

Hi there! I’m Antonette. I’m a spoiled wife, a head-over-heels mommy, and minister of the Gospel. I’m the most extroverted introvert you will ever meet. I love beautiful things and all God’s beautiful people. I believe every good, bad, & ugly moment of life is a teachable moment. As the RBW Home Director, I’m passionate about the spaces we live our lives in. Every heart deserves to know how radically they are loved by Jesus and feel invited to love him back throughout their everyday endeavours. Our homes are a reflection of this love. I believe, there is no greater adventure in this life than to partner with the Father and see what wonders he can do in and through you. Let the adventure begin! 

Shekinah Prince

I’m Shekinah, Director of Modest. I’m a wife to my best friend, Kolton, and a mother to our first born daughter, Kollins Prince. I’m also a hairstylist and truly enjoy making women feel beautiful and empowered. My passion in life is to love on the hurt and broken. I strive daily to show the love of the Father to people who are desperately searching for identity. I’m very social and love being busy, but I also enjoy binge watching a good show. I’m an avid coffee drinker and I will probably ask to pet your dog. I love traveling, laughing, Thanksgiving food and hanging out with my husband and friends. My goal is to bring my bold personality to Modest and to give God the Glory for making my dreams a reality.

Kayla Massey

Hey hey! My name is Kayla and I am the director for RBW Events. My absolute favorite thing to do is celebrate people and throw a good party! I have a dreamy husband, Cole, who is the sweetest person you could ever encounter and supports me through all my crazy ideas.  If you know me, you know I could talk your ears off if you let me. I am a really loud laugher, coffee is my jam, details are everything to me and my passion is empowering girls to live boldly! My heart is, through every event, gathering, coffee date… whatever, that Jesus is shown all the way through! I believe that with what RBW is doing, that will be a piece of cake!

Destiny Pickle

Hey I’m Destiny! I’m a photographer, graphic designer and hold the title of Creative Director for Redbud Wren Co. A few words I’d use to describe myself would be hilarious *wink*, emotional and creative. I’m married to my incredibly hardworking husband Mack. He’s good at like, everything including but not limited to; making all my home improvement ideas come true, being a total wiz at anything techy and making espresso drinks, which works out for my very real coffee addiction. We’re currently only dog parents because we’re both obsessed and will literally stop whatever we’re doing to pet a big dog. Instagram is my jam (@dest.leigh). It features a lot of my family, any time I get a new tattoo and my daily song choices. I also don’t know how to end this so…okay byyyyee.

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