What is Redbud Wren Co.?

If I had to shrink it into just one sentence it would read something like…  “Redbud Wren Co. is a group of women creating a multifaceted business including but not limited to; events, home décor, clothing, and relationship building experiences that are rooted in our faith in Jesus and aims to highlight and serve our community.” Although that paints a nice broad picture and sums things up nicely, I’d love to break it down for you. 

The Back Story

Redbud Wren Co. is a culmination of seeds that were planted in my heart over the course of my life. Things that I have thought about and envisioned from junior high up to where I am right now. Things that seemed amazing, crazy, too big, or even too small. I wrestled with what to do with all of these ideas. Where do I start? How does this all fit together? I came to a point where I realized I was trying to create a puzzle I was never meant to put together alone. So I did what I would encourage anyone, in any walk of life, who is struggling to find their purpose, to do. I turned to God. I got in His word. I started journaling. I cried and I prayed and I talked His ear off.  And the deeper I dove with him, the more clarity He brought to my heart. 

One morning God woke me up with the words, “you are pregnant with someone else’s dream”. After giving that idea some thought, (and knowing I wasn’t actually pregnant) I realized that I needed to cultivate a team. Leaning solely on the Holy Spirit, and honestly not knowing at all how any of these ladies would respond, I reached out to each individual God put on my heart. Some I had a very clear picture of the role they would play, and others I really didn’t. But man, God blew me away with each of their responses. Not only had God been sowing these same seeds in each of their hearts throughout their lives, but in each case, He had recently been stirring them up to do exactly what I was approaching them about. Talk about confirmation. It was truly beautiful how he brought us all together – how each member of this team carries such an important piece of the puzzle. It would never be a complete picture without them. Be sure to check out this post to get to know our amazing team.

The Plan

This company is comprised of four main components. Each one unique in function, but connected by a group of women who are all multi-talented and multi-passionate. We long to take these four components and create a place for relationship to happen, for joy to be experienced, and for our community to be impacted. Our heart is to serve our community by giving back and to highlight our community by offering space to local artists and creators who are doing amazing things. We believe it is our mission to bring all of these areas together to create a totally new experience. A marketplace business and ministry that the world hasn’t seen before. These four pieces are only the beginning though. We have so much in our hearts we want to see and explore. There is no limit to what God can do through this business and this group of women, and we definitely aren’t putting a box around it. 

Our plan is to one day have a physical space where all of these areas meet in one space to create a complete experience. Think lovely stores, good food and coffee, amazing venue spaces, fun family gathering areas, and more all in one place! We want to offer our community a place to experience life together. Where families can make memories, ladies can have a girl’s day out, colleagues can host a meeting, and a whole variety of other scenarios. We know that God is taking us there, to that place where everything collides. In the meantime, we aren’t just going to sit around and wait for it, we know we must partner our faith together and step out in whatever way we can until we reach that point. 

So What’s Next?

We thought the perfect place to start would be this blog. A place where we could share our heart, our vision, our brand. A place for you all to follow along with us as we document this amazing journey from the very beginning. We will be sharing what’s happening behind the scenes, coverage of event’s we host, new product lines we produce, and so much more. We love this first step and are so excited to stay connected with everyone who wants to follow along with us, but Redbud Wren Co. is also about face to face connection. So expect to hear more about RBW Events, products, and other things we have in the works. 

We decided together to go boldly forth in what God is calling us. To step out in whatever direction He says. I can’t express how excited I am about this company. What God is building here is truly amazing to be a part of. I am so excited you are here too! That you are reading this right now means so much to me and I hope you will continue to follow us on this epic adventure!


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  1. Looking forward to seeing Redbud Wren grow into the fulfillment of y’all’s dreams through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Blessings today and always!

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