Easy Fall Floral Arrangement

In my opinion, Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. I go all out decorating my house so I can bring some of that beauty inside. One my favorite ways to represent fall inside my home is with a few floral arrangements (along with an abundance of other fall decor).

This year when I pulled out all of my fall decor, I saw a sea of orange. Now, I’m not hating on orange, but it was just too much. So I scaled back my decor this year to eliminate some of that loud color. I wanted to see all the beautiful colors of fall, not just one. While I can’t afford to replace everything, I decided the more natural elements in a floral arrangement were the perfect place to start.

I thought it would be fun to show you the pieces I used in my biggest bouquet and share my process of putting it all together. This is such a simple DIY and can be really affordable too! I recycled older florals I already had and bought a few new ones from my local craft store (half off, yay). You could also do this for free. Just head outside once the leaves start turning and grab a bouquet from nature itself.

Step One:

Grab an empty vase (we all have way too many hanging around), and determine what florals and fillers you want to use and lay them all out.

Step Two:

Start by putting your tallest pieces in first. You will want to build the bouquet around those.

Step Three:

Add your biggest flowers.

Step Four:

Start filling in any gaps with smaller filler pieces (think leaves, branches, tall dried grass, etc.). This is what makes the bouquet start to look nice and full.

Step Five:

Add in your smaller flowers and any filler pieces remaining that you need. Putting in the small flowers last allows them to be seen and not lost under all the bigger pieces. Fluff and you are done! Easy Peasy.


You may have to trim any tall stems with wire cutters (if using fake florals) to get the desired length you need. But if you don’t have wire cutters, most will bend easily. You can see in some of my photos above that I used this method on a few! And just a side note, if you can bend instead of cut, I suggest it. If you end up switching to a taller vase later, you won’t have to buy all new florals!


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