Loving The Home You Have Now

I have always enjoyed cultivating and dreaming up home. Since I was a little girl I’ve had a passion for everything within a house being meaningful to who my family is, beautiful, and functional. I think that’s why I’ve gravitated to a kind of minimalism that is all my own. 

One thing that I like about minimalism in the home is the intentionality. Minimalism is not simply about having less, it’s about being very selective about what best serves your family. It is a kind of quality over quantity approach to cultivating home

We all want quality, don’t we? We all want our version of the best for ourselves and our families. Growing up, I had a plan that I’d be in my forever home by now. 29 years old, married, and a mommy to a breathtaking little 3 year old person, the space we live our lives in today isn’t exactly what I imagined. 

I share this with you at the risk of sounding ungrateful. The truth is, I am very grateful. I live every day grateful for what God has done in my life, and this beautiful place He has brought me to. In my heart, I have always felt like the Lord’s little girl. His favorite. And so should you. And because I know I’m His, I know that the extravagant vision I have written on my heart matters deeply to Him…though I’ve not yet seen the full manifestation of that vision. 

Now, I say “the full manifestation” because I certainly am experiencing that vision in part. In the mornings, my daughter slides around our floors in her socks. In the afternoons I close the antique white door to my first ever office and I delve into writing and dreaming with God. In the afternoon the sound of the fan lulls the whole house to sleep. When my husband cooks, the smell fills our open concept space and beckons our daughter to the kitchen. Our home is flooded with light all day, every day because there are windows on every wall. Our bedroom is just big enough for pillow fights and dance parties in our pjs. O, I’m very thankful. 

Loving the home you have now means being thankful in such a way that you treat the spaces in which you live as sacred, set-apart for the cultivation of life and legacy. The spaces in which we live are more than show-rooms. They’re more than eye-sores. They’re the spaces that house the magic that is you and your husband, your kids, your parents, your friends, your book club, your football parties, and your fur-babies. Loving the home you have now means caring for it, doing the best with it you can. It means painting that trim, replacing that door knob, mopping those floors, and clearing out that clutter, because even though this isn’t the dream house, this is the house you have now and those little things matter

My very wise sister-in-law once shared with me, that while her dream house was being built and she and her family of 5 were living in an RV during construction, she was not as thankful in that RV as she could have been. Somehow, being thankful then would have made moving into the dream home even sweeter. 

Let your thankful speak for itself in the way that you choose to care for, enjoy, and share your home with those you love. Whether you are squeezing 20 people into 400 square feet for a night of worship, or having a tea party for 10 when your table only sits 4, or inviting your daughter’s friends over to play when your fence isn’t even built yet, love and live in the space you have now, in all its unfinished glory.


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  1. This is so True Antionette ! I love my home of 41 years and the spirit of love and peace that we have developed in it. A conformation on that comes from those who walk through my doors. One lady who have never been on my home, walked through the door and said ” Your House feel like a big Hug”. I thought to myself, “Whow”! That’s the spirit of God. Something that Big “God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit living in us must leek out some where. Imagine that, he is spilling out over into our homes when we let him into our heart. We say, pour out more Lord, for your glory, as we prayed when we bought it all those years ago.

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