Go Boldly

Go Boldly.

At Redbud Wren Co. this is our message. It is our mantra. It is what we whisper to ourselves as we step into every new facet of this business. It is what we repeat in our heads as we post something deeply personal. It is the message we play on repeat as we dream up the big dreams only God can bring to life. “Go Boldly” sparks our souls and reminds us that the world needs what we have to give – what God put in us to give.

We are passionate about pushing past fear, past worldly standards, and past anything and everything that tries to hold us back. We are about pursuing our God given dreams, using our God given talents, and not apologizing for it. Going boldly means shaking loose of all the chains the enemy has tried to bind you with in an effort to keep you small and quiet. We serve a BIG God, who has BIG plans for each and every one of you reading this.

As I write this, I’m reminded of a girl who only ever dreamed of being bold. Who used to look at others who held such confidence in awe, wondering how they do it. There was always this confident, bold, wants to be everybody’s friend kind of person on the inside of me, hopelessly waiting to be let out. But I was stuck. How do you become the person you know is inside? How do you stare down the giants of fear and insecurity and finally defeat them?

With Jesus. With the Word. By pulling up your boot straps and deciding that you are just done with letting the enemy tell you who you are. If it sounds like fear, insecurity, pride, failure, shame, or anything else along those lines, then its the voice of the enemy. And it’s time to shut. him. up. And really the only way to do that is to know who the Creator of the Universe says you are.

His voice is the exact opposite. Our Heavenly Father sounds like love, peace, assurance, confidence, and so many other beautiful things. God calls those who live in Him redeemed. He calls them capable. He calls them equipped for the task. And with that kind of identity, what can stop you? Absolutely nothing, if you choose to see yourself the way He does. If you choose to walk out your calling, your gifts, your God given dreams on the foundation of who He says you are, then absolutely nothing can stop you. Romans 8:31 “If God is for us, then who can be against us?”

I believe we are in a time when God is calling us to step out into the wild unknown with him. To know that he has given us everything we need for the task ahead. Not only that, but to know he will be with us every step of the way as well. Hebrews 13:5 says “He will never leave you nor forsake you”. What a beautiful promise.

Redbud Wren Co. is so passionate about this. About going boldly into the marketplace and showing the love of Jesus. We hope this message interweaves into everything we do. We hope we inspire everyone who comes across our path to choose their identity in Christ versus who the world says they are, and to choose boldness.

Are you ready to go boldly? Are you ready to trust in the God of the Universe? Are you ready to embrace who he says you are? I know I am. I know that I so deeply desire to do the good work he has planned for me. I’m tired of standing in my own way, and I am sure you are too. So let’s do this together.

It’s time. Go boldly.


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