Go Boldly Interview with Entourage Ministries

Kayla sat down with Paige Scott from Entourage Ministries to talk all about their ministry and what it took for them to step out in boldness to get started. We hope you are encouraged by their story! We love this ministry and are so excited about the work they are doing and what is next for them.

How did you start Entourage?:

Very organically. In 2017 my mom and I felt led to begin a ministry for women with anxiety (then and still now called Hearts at Rest). We began facilitating that outside of a church so that women could feel comfortable to come regardless of where they were or weren’t in fellowship. It was and is open for anyone. Through that process a group of ladies began to unfold who had either been through that program as a participant, intercessor or just a helper and there was a lingering hunger for the Lord. This began a small gathering at my house of my friends (ladies) from different churches and backgrounds to just worship and fellowship together.

At the very first gathering (August 2018) the Lord had put the word Entourage on my heart and I shared that with the group. It wasn’t until a month later I noticed Psalm 68:11 illuminated which says “The Lord gives the command and a great army of women proclaim the good news.” Entourage by definition is a group of people who surround an important person — usually for the purpose of carrying out whatever the business of the important person is, in this case it is Jesus.

As believers we are all called to be part of His holy Entourage. To an extent, God designed the world to see a gathered people and know the heart of the person they are gathering around. But we gather under that name. So by October 2018 a small group of gals got together from 4 different churches and we incorporated as a non-profit, began overseeing Hearts at Rest, committed to gathering monthly for a multi-congregational/denominational/generational setting and that’s where we began: with a small yes and just adding framework (for stewardship and accountability purposes) to something the Lord was already stirring up in many women in our different circle. 

How did you have confidence to go for it?:

Confidence comes from trusting in the Lord, per the word. My parents modeled this growing up as a lifestyle. We were in full-time ministry and there was a season and a rhythm even as a child  that I remember so well, of transition and recognizing the prompting for when the Lord was at work. I can remember as a fourth grader, laying in bed and thinking “our time in this community is about to come to an end.” In a way I think the Lord allowed me that grace so that as a young person I could have peace to leave and excitement for the next stop.

Recognizing His whisper of calling has been a normal part of my world because He so graciously allowed me to experience that modeled and taught from my parents. I think part of walking with the Lord is the desire and discipline of knowing that whisper and it growing louder and louder in your Spirit and then realizing that He lines up so much affirmation if we will just lean in to His whisper. 

So with regard to Entourage there was confidence because He was stirring up that required trust. He had given the name, the verse, and the women who unanimously said yes to helping. So the confidence wasn’t really even in starting something, it was just a confidence in saying yes to recognizing and jumping on board with what He seemed to be initiating. As we said yes, he ultimately provided a worship leader, a venue, a house and so much more that were not on our radar but were His graces as we said yes. 

What’s your greatest success so far?:

Our first board meeting set such a prophetic pace for the ministry in that, we had a agenda of items to discuss, but prayer and praise took over that meeting. We got lost in worship and exhortation and while we did get to the items on the list, I think it became evident to me that things were going to look different than my carnal opinion of success. And I have to surrender this continually. 

We have a list of values and one is this – “We value affection over attendance.” 

Success to us not a number of women gathering. Success is first, women increasing in their affections for God and second, getting a revelation stirred up in them about HIS affection for them. Salvation is the work of God and it should produce an adoration that truly begets the greatest gift and fruit of the Spirit which is love. So I think sometimes we just need a little revelation about our salvation. 

This happens in a lot of ways but I’ve seen this revelation happen in the lives of women this year— and it only comes from the Holy Spirit — He removes veils, illuminates and teaches the Word and testifies about Jesus (among other things). I had a woman recently tell me “I don’t understand everything but I feel God’s love and presence finally.” And this is not a work of Entourage, it is a work of the Holy Spirit.

We are getting to host something special each month. Every ministry opportunity whether that be a podcast, hair charity, boutique stuff, soap study, or a Hearts at Rest, we are are hosting something for his daughters. Something unified beyond denomination, culture, and age. We just get to enjoy being with women who delight in the Presence of God. He brings the harvest He wants to so we just get to plant and water. So success is in the eyes of the harvester.

What’s next for Entourage?:

I pray revival. Not specific to Entourage but our community. There are so many amazing churches and efforts in place right now to unite the Body of Christ, and I believe we will see this in our day in the “Big C” Church. We get to glimpse it sometimes in our gatherings.

Next for Entourage, I think you’ll see new faces begin to teach, worship, lead, and administrate as women get to use our turf as a training ground for their gifts and callings. I think you’ll hear songs sung, see books written, and women walking in a love for God that carries a fragrance He loves. I think you’ll see little Entourage gatherings pop up in different places not near us led by women we don’t even know right now. I think the result will be that lost women are found, believing women are walking in wholeness, and sisters of the faith get unified in breaking bread with sisters from different rooms of the same faith.

I think the beautiful thing about women is that God designed us to be, first, Helpers and second, Carriers of life. We naturally carry and then pass on something to the world around us. Be it good or bad. It is our design. That’s one reason the enemy, I believe, worked through Eve to bring forth the fall. He knew her capacity could spread sin so quickly (note the story of Cain and Abel). Oh but the word and work of redemption reaches beyond that moment as we each become aware of God’s great love toward us, displayed by Jesus and revealed by the Holy Spirit. And as we carry it and spread it in our homes, our streets, even our churches. The impact could be so profound that it changes a generation. May that be the next. In Jesus Name.

-Interview conducted by Kayla with Paige Scott, Co-Founder of Entourage Ministries

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