Go Boldly Interview with Natalie Popplewell

We are so excited about our second Go Boldly interview and feature! Kayla sat down with Natalie Popplewell; owner of 410 Collective, Co-Owner of Revolution Coffee, and Co-Photographer of Gingersnap Studios – yes she is kind of a superhero! So get ready to be inspired by this amazing woman.

1. How did you know you wanted to start this business?

Which one? Hehe. 

Truthfully, I fell into almost all of my businesses. That’s not to say there wasn’t a lot of hard work involved, but I didn’t really plan any of them. I have always known that I wanted to own a business. When I was young, I wanted a pet store. I would “draw the layout” with markers. I wanted the downstairs to be the business and the upstairs to be where I lived, before I even knew what lofts were. Fast forward to 2011 and I was given the opportunity to purchase a building in Downtown Denison. In order to prove that I could pay the mortgage, I had to take over the existing Antique Mall and run it for a couple months. I also moved into the loft upstairs. The lady running the shop at the time taught me how to run the mall, get a Tax ID and pay taxes, etc. Essentially all the basics I needed to know!

Previously I had done photography in high school and had a small business doing that, which is what led me to looking at buildings for a studio. Owning a building and running an antique mall was a bit overwhelming so I put photography and the studio on the back burner. In 2016, after having decided to rent out the store downstairs rather than running it, I picked photography back up. Not long after that, I joined forces with Amanda Mendenhall to create Gingersnap Studios (we’re both redheads.) Which has 100% been the most successful venture so far.

I then was finally able to build our studio in 2017! Its located in the back corner of my building! I continually have a desire to invest in new ventures, so in 2018, I invested in and became part owner of Revolution Coffee Co and also opened 410 Collective! We have been open for almost a year and its truly been the hardest, but most rewarding thing I’ve done! Long story short, I’ve always wanted to own businesses, it just looks a lot different then I ever imagined. Yet so much better than I ever imagined! 

2. Where did the confidence to put yourself out there come from?

Naivety. Kind of kidding. Kind of not. I was very young (20 years old) when I bought the building. I had NO idea how hard it was going to be. Each business venture was 100% harder than I imagined, but I’m so thankful I stuck through the difficult times. You just have to push past the fear and say yes to the scary things! Its worth it! I also always trusted that no matter what, God would put me on the right path and make my way successful. It didn’t always look like what I planned, but it was always better than I planned. 

3. What was your first big success?

I guess I would say buying the building! That was only the beginning and there have been lots of triumphs and failure since, but that was the first big one! 

4. What is your message? Or what do you hope people walk away with after experiencing your business? 

With Photography: We want to make people feel special, feel beautiful, and most importantly have fun during our weddings and sessions. We love that we get to provide people with the ability to remember their most precious moments forever! 

With the Coffee Shop: We want people to come in and feel at home, feel safe, and feel like we are their friends! Because that’s what we are! We love giving off that Cheers vibe while providing amazing coffee! 

With 410 Collective: The goal of 410 Collective is to allow entrepreneurs and creatives who may not have the finances or time to have their own shop a place to sell their items and hold workshops! I love working with other people on projects and watching their dreams come to life! 

Personally: I’m very passionate about the phrase, “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I truly wake up everyday excited about what I’m doing, what I have achieved, and what I’m going for next! Is it hard? Yes! Do I work 80 hours to avoid working 40? You betcha! Is it worth it? 100 times over! 

5. What is next for you? 

For 410: I would like to push for all booths filled with amazing local artisans, creatives, and entrepreneurs! I hope to have several workshops a month as well as events. Right now I kind of feel like we are just making it by, but I hope for 410 to thrive in 2020 and provide Denison and Sherman with fun activities for the whole family! 

For Gingersnap: Our goal is to move towards primarily weddings and also towards education. We may or may not be slowly working towards a course for budding photographers!

For Revolution: We have some exciting things coming up with RCC. More merch, more flavors, and changes to the bar! 

Personally: Saving up for more investing of course! Hehe. I’d like to either invest in more rental property in the next few years, or possibly split up the lofts. Who knows? I’m saving in preparation for whatever God has planned next!

I told you she was amazing! 🙂 Be sure to follow Natalie on Instagram (@gingersnapnatalie). And check out all of her business accounts as well to stay in the know on all she is doing and bringing in 2020!

Gingersnap Studios – @gingersnapstudios
Revolution Coffee Co. – @revolutioncoffeeco
410 Collective – @410collectivedenison

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